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This blog is a collaboration between two people who desire to contribute a unique perspective on fashion, life, art, food, and anything that gives us joy. We work from two of America's greatest cities for culture and society: New York and Los Angeles. Enjoy.

On November 5th, The Well put together a great Fashion event/festival in Downtown L.A. featuring great deals from too many great brands to even list! (see flyer). I had kept hearing about people talking about it and was up in the air about whether to go or not (mostly as a result of having a crazy week and it raining the day before) but the weather ended up being perfect! So, I headed out to it, grabbed some canned food (as it was the ticket to get it so they could donate to charities just in time for holidays), and was so happy I decided to go as soon as I got there I was greeted by many friends within the first 5min and was surrounded by many brands (also friends) that I was very happy to see. 

Besides great deals on great product, there was also live music, dj sets, and of course, food trucks! It was definitely one of the best samples sales and fashion events I have been to in a long time. Not much more I could ask for on a Saturday in Downtown L.A.

- Him.

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